What To Do If You Have Been The Victim Of A Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptocurrency scams have increased at a vast rate since the start of 2020, partly due to the pandemic but also to do with the increased coverage trading has received in the last 5 years or so. When you read about people making hundreds of thousands of pounds buying, selling or mining BitCoin, it is only natural to think that you could do it as well but unfortunately many people are finding that their thirst for money is leaving them with a need to find investment fraud lawyers.

Ensure You Document Everything

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of fraud and need to start the cryptocurrency scam recovery process then the first stage is to ensure you have documented everything, some of this should be done as you go along and other bits can be done if you’ve already been scammed. One of the main ways people lose money is through phishing scams where clones of the real website are setup and people enter their personal details only for them to be stolen and then bank accounts or wallets emptied. The problem is that sometimes these sites can only be around for a month, a week or even a couple of days so it is important to take screenshots of them as you use them. Even if you think it is a legitimate website it is still worth doing as there is more chance of being able to trace where the website originated. With communication like emails and texts then you should always keep them, never delete anything as this will be needed as evidence to ensure the right amount is returned to you.

Find A Company Who Specialises In Investment Fraud

There are many solicitors around who do a wide variety of services and may tag on things to do with investment fraud or cryptocurrency scams, avoid these and go to a specialist who knows the process back to front in order to get you the maximum amount of money back and more importantly, get it back as quickly as possible. If you go to a good lawyer like WRS then you stand an excellent chance of getting your money back. You may have to pay a fee for it out of what has been returned but you will be in a considerably better position than you were.

Don’t Be Embarrassed And Don’t Give Up

Many people who are the victims of fraud are too embarrassed to tell anyone about what has happened and if at all possible will just try and write the money off and forget about it so that nobody finds out. Millions of people every day are the victims of fraud, it could be to do with investment, bank accounts, identity, anything! There are organised crime groups whose sole purpose is to defraud people of their hard earned money so make sure you do everything you can to get your money back rather than leave it in their hands.